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Intuitive Healing Session: Colic


The other day I decided to do an Intuitive Healing Session with my daughter who has been experiencing stomach upset and digestive disruptions. Though I know the cause is my diet (I lapsed into eating cow-milk dairy again and haven’t finished cutting out gluten), I wanted to try and give her some (hopefully) immediate relief while waiting for these food stuffs to move their way out of my system and thus out of my breastmilk.

>>> Tools:

Triple and double terminated Quartz points, yellow citrine points, orange (carnelian), red (tiger’s eye and I believe a jasper), brown and black (tiger’s eye and onyx) stones; white rabbit skin and two feathers; Tibetan singing bowl and (not pictured) a hand made blue ceramic bowl with water.

>>> Process:

After calming her down some, I lay her down and situated my stones. I moved different stones around as I felt called to during the session, sometimes having stones on her belly. I started with rotations on the singing bowl [tap four times, continuous tone, repeat for a set of four]. I did some abdominal section acupressure/reflexology on both feet and leg bicycles. Then I did what is often called a “shamanic extraction”. Wherever you feel a dark tar-like or ink-like “ick” you visualize drawing it out (I do it on the breath) and placing it into a bowl of water. Continue to do this until it feels gone. I then did some more work with the crystals, drawing intuited symbols on her belly with the citrine points before “drawing down and out”. At this point she was happy and laughing and kicking around.

I visualized myself as the Bear Priestess/Shaman, as I have been initiated into by Grandmother Bear. In my mind’s eye I wore the bearskin headdress and bear claw jewelry I had been gifted in the Astral. I called again on The Great She-Bear, The Healer, Ursa Major– she who guides us to the Northlands, the lands of my people. I called on the Bear Priests from the line of my people. On their knowledge and power to rid my daughter of all pain and discomfort and digestive problems and replace the feelings in her tummy with joy.

I ended with a round each of the singing bowl for ‘clearing’ for her and myself, then took bowl of ‘extraction water’ and dumped it onto the earth outside. I asked that the earth receive it, cleanse it, and renew it, that all negative emotions and sickness be dispelled.

>>> Update:

So far she seems to be quite a bit relieved as far as any stomach issues/digestive colic is concerned~