We are offering Divination readings via E-mail. We can do 3-card/3-rune readings or a Full Spread reading (what this looks like depends on the method used).
The reading can be a “General Reading”, a past-present-future or a three-time-frames (such as next month, 3 months from now, and 6 months from now) reading, or a reading for a Specific Situation or Question. If you want additional cards or runes pulled for your reading for more clarification or information, we can pull 3 more cards/runes for you after payment is received. **This is not available for Cowrie or Bone Throwing.**

Your Options to Choose From Include:

    + Wildwood Tarot (3-card or Full Spread)
    + Isis Oracle (3-card or 5-card Full Spread)
    + Spirit of the Wheel Oracle (3-card or 5-card Full Spread)
    + Celtic Ogham Runes (Wands) (3-rune or Full Throw)
    + Throwing the Bones (Full Throw only)
    + Cowrie Shell Divination (9-shell Throw only, best done for General Readings)
    + Traditional Playing Cards Cartomancy (3-card or 5-card Full Spread)

What We Need From You:

    + Please provide in the “Message to Seller” box when you place your order on Etsy the following:
    [The name you wish to go by/that the Spirits would recognize you by] + [what kind of Reading you want– and if Specific, please provide your question/issue/description of your situation (but it is best to be brief and not provide too much information/background details)] + [the type of divination (runes, tarot, etc)] + [your e-mail].

    + You can also bypass Etsy and send us an e-mail with the above requested information. We will send you a Paypal Invoice, and once payment is received, your reading will be done and the results e-mailed back to you.

What We Will Do For You:

    Upon receiving payment and your information as requested, we will give offerings to the spirits, perform your chosen divination, read and interpret the spread/throw, and then e-mail you the interpretation as well as a picture of the spread within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving payment.

3-Card/3-Rune Reading: $15
Full Spread/Throw: $25
Additional 3-Cards/3-Runes Reading: $7 [if this is requested, a Paypal Invoice or a Reserved Etsy Listing will be made for you]

E-Mail:: thetwistedtree.shoppe@gmail.com
Etsy:: https://www.etsy.com/listing/196484336/3-card3-rune-divination-reading-tarot


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