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Midnight: Midnight is a student of herbalism, poisons and enthenogens. A story teller and artist. He is a father and husband and a walker between worlds. He doesn’t claim association with any particular religion and his beliefs and practice are best defined as being Spiritualist– an animist, he works with spirits of various natures, from devas, to primals, to genius loci. A fledgling metal worker, knife maker, and rambling philosopher, he is currently working on  a series of books on aspects of his craft. 
Available for commissioned art pieces, questions and general conversation.
Email: shaun.thomas.art@gmail.com

Isáine (Ee-SAWN-yah): I call myself a Bonekeeper. It is a term I thought up to describe my rather eclectic brand of paganism. I am a polytheist and animist; I tend to be drawn more towards Traditional Witchcraft styles of working– bones, feathers, holey stones… spiritworking and hedgeriding… entheogen study and use… I draw a bit from shamanic practices (with a leaning towards Celtic and Northern paths) as well including journeying, shapeshifting, working with spirit animals, and the afore-mentioned spiritworking. I also consider myself a “temple priestess” and act in that realm as well. I work with Celtic deities mostly including the Morrigan, Brighid, and Cernunnos; but I also work with Yemaya (a Yoruban goddess); am beginning to travel down the path of the Dionysian Maenad; and lately have had a bit of a tugging towards the Norse gods, particularly of the Vanir pantheon. Hedgewitchery (in the Traditional Witchcraft sense of the word), heathenism, kitchen witchery, sea magic, and various folk magics are the frosting on the cake. I also study herbalism, am beginning some martial arts, am learning women’s crafts (like spinning), and other crafts (such as mead-brewing) and professions (such as midwyfe) that apply to my devotions to various deities and personal spiritual practice.
Also available for Services (such as doula and henna artist) and Rites (such as Blessingway and Nameday ceremonies) during the childbearing years.
E-mail: mamaoceana.withwomen@gmail.com 


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