Healing Services



We are now offering various in-person and long-distance healing services. These include:

  • Long-Distance & In-Person Reiki Healing
    • Personal Healing (can also be for plants and animals)
    • House/Room Cleansing
    • Karmic Band Healing (bonds/relationships between people)
    • Situational/Qualities Healing (eg. for anxiety, anger, jealousy, communication, or something like ‘a toothache’)
    • Reiki-Activated Crystals, Stones, Yoni Eggs, and Yoni Massage Wands
  • In-Person Sound Vibrations Healing (Shamanic drumming, Tibetan singing bowls) Sessions
  • In-Person Crystal and Shell Healing & Chakra Balancing Sessions
  • In-Person Shamanic Extraction Healing Sessions (can be combined with Reiki and ‘Soft Animal’ meditation for trauma resolution)

Please contact us via e-mail or phone to discuss what you are needing, what we charge (some things are by donation), and to schedule your ‘appointment’.

Phone: (910) 915-4189

E-mail: thetwistedtree.shoppe@gmail.com

**In-Person sessions are only available to those in Oregon. We only do house-calls for those within 30 miles of Roseburg for a small driving fee.

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