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And Here I Stand, at the ‘Tween Place


And here I stand, at the ‘tween place, where earth and rock meets water’s edge.

I cast my gaze out over the mist-covered sheen of dark eternity.

Leaves and detriment float slowly by, rising and sinking in and out of sight.

The sky is grey, the wind has the bite of Winter’s Coming,

Raising gooseflesh on my bones.

I lean nearer, peering close, my reflection distorted on the water’s surface.

The rocky shoreline digs into my knees and palms,

My hair brushes past to skim the water, reaching.

Darkness falls and from the shadows the lights dance,

Spinning out onto the blackness that lies outstretched before me.

I stand, yearning to join them, and take a step.

Into the water, dark and cold, I walk, until the dark chasm closes over me

My last breath left frost upon the air,

My last sight that of foxfire in the trees.

Original Poem by Isáine, First Posted on her other blog, The Witch of the Wyldwood, in December of 2012. 

I Seep Into the Green Things…


Coming softly, the sound of feet.

Ever closer, to me they’ll meet.

Softly thudding, sound dampened by the earth.

Coming closer, I will near my time of birth.

Walking on, head held high.

Drawing near, my death is nigh.

Stepping through, my body ripped and torn.

Shattered silently, my mind is scorned.

Slowly sinking, I seep into the green things.

Lilting gently, my soul light as downy wings.

Taking breaths, I feel myself take a shape from lore.

Shaking softly, I am reborn once more.

— Copyright 2012

Originally posted at Isáine’s blog, http://witchofthewyldwood.tumblr.com December 13, 2012