We currently taking commissions for divination tools and artwork. Right now this includes the following:

Runes and Rune Wands for Divination (Nordic or Ogham)

    + Nordic or Ogham Runes [if you have a personal set of rune designs you would like made, we would love to work with you to create a casting set of them]
    + Small rune blocks, circular or rectangular (like your typical casting runes); or Wands/Staves
    + Wood, Stone, or Shell [stone and shell may cost more, and can not be used for wands/staves]

Magical Artwork

    + Including but not limited to: spirit animal/totem/companion portraits, personal magical portraits, sigils, fantasy scenes, etc.
    + Can be a pencil sketch or lineart, inked lineart, prismacolor, or painted [price depends on style]
    + Can be single, double, or multiple figures [price depends on number of figures]
    + Can have no background, minimal background details, or have a full background [price depends on extent of background detail]
    + Sigils have the option of being carved from a linoblock and blockprinted, and either left plain or framed [currently must be able to fit within a 4×7 linoblock]

Other Commissions

    We are currently limited on what other items we are able to do on a custom basis right now, but are more than willing to discuss other commissioned or custom items not listed above to see what can be accomplished.
    This could include but is not limited to: wands and wooden athames; ritual/ceremonial masks, headdresses, cloaks/other costuming, jewelry; herbal remedies.

If you are interested in a commissioned or custom-made item, please message us over at our Etsy store or e-mail us at to discuss what you’re looking for, details, price quote, estimated time needed for completion, cost of shipping, etc.


    + If we settle on a project, price, time for completion etc. you will be asked to pay in full before the project is started. You can pay through Paypal (we will send you an invoice) or we can make a reserved Etsy listing for you. We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and Etsy Gift Cards.
    + Custom orders cannot be canceled after the first five days since order placement. 25% of the total cost will be kept as a cancelation fee on custom orders.
    + Custom orders ship once they are finished, and expected time window for completion is provided per individual item.
    + Shipping costs include packaging, delivery tracking, and insurance. If you need a faster delivery such as Overnight please message us and we will make a custom listing on Etsy or a Paypal Invoice with the additional shipping fees.
    + Shipping cost includes insurance. We do not do returns, exchanges, or refunds. We try our best to ensure that your item gets to you in one piece– however sometimes accidents happen during shipping and any damage or missing item claims must be taken up with the Postal Service.
    + WE DO NOT ship items that contain animal parts Internationally, and will not make exceptions for this. There are also certain states that do not allow the sale or possession of certain animal parts {including but not limited to bird feathers, eggs or nests; teeth, bones, and furs}. Please research your state’s/country’s laws. Many animals including most birds are protected.


    NO ANIMALS ARE KILLED FOR THEIR PARTS and this practice is not condoned by The Twisted Tree.
    Any of our products which include animal parts in the design are either bought from fellow Etsy members, found by us as-is in the wild, come from road kill, or were leftovers from the taxidermy process. We do not believe in letting things go to waste.
    All animal parts are collected with honor and respect, ritualistically cleaned/cleansed, and crafted into beautiful pieces of art, jewelry, and religious tools.

    We are not doctors, naturopaths, or any other type of licensed medical practitioner. Our herbal products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or maladies. Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition. Please be sure to talk with your care provider before starting any kind of supplement or herbal remedy, as some herbs can interact with drugs you may be taking or aggravate a condition you may have. Our herbal products or any claims made regarding them have not been evaluated by the USDA or FDA.


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