Our Shop Is Open!

This post is a tad late, as we opened shop on the Summer Solstice (it was decided short-notice to do so). Our Etsy shop went live and so far has stayed pretty quiet. We had done a 48-hour grand opening 10% off coupon for those who follow our Facebook page, but no one took advantage of it. Since we forgot to post about it on our blog, we would like to provide a new coupon that will be good from now until the day after the Super Moon (which is on July 12, so the coupon will expire July 13). For 10% off of your order total please use the coupon code SUPERMOON1 at checkout. One time use per customer only.

We are also taking commissions for divination tools and artwork. Here is a list of things that we are taking commissions on currently:

    – Runes and Rune Wands for Divination (Nordic runes or Ogham staves)
    – Herbal Remedies (these may require a small health intake)
    – Magical Artwork

If you are interested in a commission please message us over at our Etsy store or e-mail us at thetwistedtree.shoppe@gmail.com to discuss what you’re looking for, details, price quote, estimated time needed for completion, etc.

Divination readings are also available! $15 for a 3-card/3-rune reading, $25 for a full reading. Divination methods to choose from include the Wildwood Tarot, traditional playing card cartomancy, Ogham rune wands, throwing the bones, cowrie shell divination, Isis Oracle or Sprit of the Wheel Oracle. Can be purchased through Etsy or Paypal.

Some of the items we currently have in our shop:

    – A few pieces of OOAK jewelry/fetishes
    – Pyrographed leather bracelets
    – Black Cat Oil
    – Uncrossing Oil
    – Bug Bite Herbal Oil
    – Local NC turkey feather smudge fans
    – Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual Salts


Here is our Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheTwistedTreeShoppe

And don’t forget to Like us on Facebook! **Interactions with our page (liking and sharing posts) helps Facebook know to put our updates in your newsfeed. Checking the box “Get Notifications” will also help make sure you don’t miss out on anything we post!



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