Appreciating Your Tools

Originally posted December 16, 2012 by Midnight at his old blog, Storm & Spirits

I wonder, how many people out there really appreciate their tools and their magical implements. No matter what it is you work with, do you appreciate it? Do you understand it?  I can’t claim that I am always spot on with the latter but I try. As to the first, I don’t think I really did at all until I started crafting. I recently started learning to work metal ( blacksmithing ) and stone ( Flintknapping ) to make blades and frankly…that shit is hard. No joke. In general these are  complex crafts that take dedication and practice, and making a blade is at the top of the skills  tree. I have yet to turn out anything satisfactory but the effort is really eye opening to the worth of a good blade.

I have three blades that I have a ritual and or magickal attachment to and I don’t think I really appreciated them properly until I tried to shape one myself. I love them certainly, I care for them both as tools and as individuals. They have private names that I do not share, they are deeply tied to my practice. However, I don’t think I really appreciated them until I understood what went into their shaping.  Compared to this I hear of and have seen people mistreat their tools. I recently discussed someone intentionally blunting their knife, and I can’t help but cringe… I respect that they have a different view and that their practice is likely vastly different than mine. But it just strikes me as rude really both to the blade and to the craftsman to do anything but treat it with the utmost respect and care.

Many people likely fully appreciate their tools and I was just late to jump on the band wagon, but maybe this opened up a few eyes or sent a few guilt ferrets skittering up some shirts. Maybe I just  made someone curious about trying to make their own tools, ( knives aside, try crafting a staff or wand from scratch. It is not easy work to do to satisfaction. Don’t even get me started on a making and carving a bow or fletching arrows… )  I am not condemning anyone for just going out and buying their tools. We live in a modern world and frankly the skills to make our own equipment are just not common. Not to mention the time involved. But if you find yourself with the means and the time and most importantly the will, I suggest you give it a try. It can be an eye opener.


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