It Takes the First Step

And so have the first few have been taken. It has been long-coming, and tedious, but our journey has commenced. Our Facebook page is staying pretty active; our Etsy store is almost ready to be launched (keep an eye out for a 10% off coupon good for the first 72 hours the store is open); our first article (and class-to-be) on Shapeshifting is almost complete and is the first part of our book-in-progress.

The seasons are shifting faster than I can blink and it is already almost Summer. Our son is growing as fast as the wildflowers in my yard, it seems. And our garden is in the very beginning stages of what will hopefully end in a bountiful year of herbs, entheogens, and vegetables. Considerations are being made in regards to progressing even further with a potential land-share opportunity in the coming year or so.

Midnight sits and smokes his mugwort and anise while I paint a blend of beeswax and olive oil onto my cedar wood beehive. The taste of bee pollen coats my tongue as I dream up designs to paint afterwards… runes for productivity and protection; foxglove, poppy and dandelion flowers…

Over the next few weeks among real-time posts, we will be transferring older personal blog posts over from our respective blogs to this one so everything is in one place. So watch for those as well as updates on the launch of our Etsy store and up-coming class on Shapeshifting (which will be either a webinar or recorded teleconference).

Have a class topic that you would like to take or see us offer? Let us know in a comment below!


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